Paul Kline

Welcome! I built this website with own 2 hands--uphill both ways. Okay, actually I got a lot of help from Nuxt, Vue, and Vuetifyjs (Oh, but in Typescript of course; I have some self-respect).

I am currently a Professor of Computer Science at Blackburn College. In my 'spare' time I like to build educational tools. I've recently gotten into the frustrating hobby of 3d printing--highly reccommend if you need more frustration in your life. I play guitar when I can and enjoy tabbing out songs I like that no one else has tabbed out yet; to date I've published 50.

When there isn't a global pandemic, I like to spend my summers teaching students basic electronics in the developing world with Engineering World Health. If that is not possible, I like to go to Guatemala to continue learning Spanish or just travel.

If you would like to get in touch, you may email me at pauliankline [(at)] gma1l ([dot]) c0m