Paul Kline
This Website
Typescript, Vue, Nuxt
It's this website!
BNF Playground
Typescript, Vue, Nuxt
A teaching tool to help students write & check BNF definitions. It has gained suprising popularity outside of my classes with ~1,000 monthly visitors. I've been contacted by users in industry and is the basis of an open source w3 EBNF parser project by Mozilla.
Course Dependency Graph
Typescript, Vue, Nuxt, visjs
After needing to find the entire pre/co requisite tree for a course, I decided be the stereotypical computer scientist and "spend 10 hours automating a 5 minute task." The hardest part of this project was actually scraping the information from the Blackburn College portal & tokenizing & creating parse trees for the co/pre-requisites.
Class Planner
Typescript, Vue, Nuxt
Frustrated with the UI of “CAMS”, our university wide database system, this webpage can be user-populated with classes via a chrome extension (see Cams Helper) which harvests all class data and sends to this page (100% client side). Users can real-time filter classes and make selections to view a collage of selected schedules. This was especially useful when CAMS went down during registration for students to still view and plan their classes.
Musician website with site-wide music player.
CAMS Helper
Typescript, Chrome Extension
Frustrated with limited UI of the CAMS system (see ‘class planner’ above), this chrome extension provides various quality of life improvements for faculty, staff, and students including a much-needed selective pop-up blocker and export to google calendar capabilities. FERPA compliant. Most of the Blackburn Faculty use this extension.
Database Query Playground
HTML, bootstrap, JavaScript, Vue, PHP
A simple teaching tool which allows students to perform any MYSQL selection query on a small example database based on a school.
Network Graph
Typescript, Vue, Nuxtjs
Developed for a friend working for a non-profit. Community members fill out a google form for: name, community, and their interests. This website allows them to access the responses and present how their organization can help connect people passionate about similar issues across communities.
Spanish Flashcards
Typescript, Vue, Firebase, PWA
Created while taking Spanish lessons in Guatemala, this basic flashcard progressive web app works without an internet connection & syncs when a connection is obtained. Works across devices thanks to Firebase authentication and firestore. Tailered to Spanish in that typing alt-i (or any vowel) while creating a card will type the accented character for ease of use and rapid card creation on a standard English keyboard. Supports simple statistics and practicing based on flashcard performance.
KJHK Charts
Built for internal use at KJHK to view and search statistics aggregated from what has been played by KJHK.
A for-fun implementation of minesweeper to gain a better understanding for myself with a simple UI. Don't take it too seriously.